I paint, draw, and live vicariously through Dream Bird.

Hello, I’m Caroline. I’m a Vietnamese American. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I’m first and foremost a dog mom, and have a little son as well. I’ve travelled to 12 countries in Asia, and eat rice every single day.  After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from the University of Houston, I taught art in public schools for a few years. Then I decided to be a freelance artist to focus on my craft. My primary choice of medium is acrylic paint and black pen ink.

I paint and draw things that make me happy. My hope is that people feel the same when seeing my artwork.

Dream Bird is a character I created and what I aspire to be. Its eyes are closed and is painted in grey scale to symbolize its permanent state of mind - continuously dreaming about an ideal way to live. The quotes and text in the artwork are Dream Bird mantras. These are sayings I tell myself to get through the day or want to share with the world because I find them motivational. I’m actually a highly anxious and emotional person. When I create art, I’m able to escape to another reality, where there is stability and calmness. This other reality is the world of Dream Bird. A place of equanimity. A place where people are living genuinely and true to themselves because life is just too darn short to be unhappy.

One of my biggest fears is to do what I’m doing now - to be an artist. Growing up I was never encouraged to pursue a creative profession despite drawing being my favorite hobby as a kid. I was raised in a typical first generation Vietnamese household. My parents are refugees of the Vietnam war. So in raising my siblings and I, they had a set vision of the American Dream based on their struggles. I’ve discovered the greatest thing about living in America is the Dream is what you make of it. After meeting people from different backgrounds, countries, and professionals who’ve based their careers on their natural talents, I’ve learned there is not one or correct way to approach life. That anything is possible. So through my art, I encourage everyone to paint their own lives.

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