I paint, draw, and live vicariously through Dream Bird.

Hello, I’m Caroline. I’m a Vietnamese American born and raised in Houston, Texas. 

My paint brushes are my antidepressants. Through art I'm able to sort through emotions, clear my mind and focus on the present. When I paint, I escape to another reality, which is the colorful, carefree, happy world of Dream Bird. 

Dream Bird is a character I created, which I illustrate using acrylic paint or pen ink. The character is continuously daydreaming, as shown by always having closed eyes, being painted in greyscale, and set in colorful surroundings. Dream Bird is often paired with sayings called “Dream Bird mantras”. The mantras are self affirmations for building confidence, combating negative self-talk, and pursuing your dreams. 

When someone is able to relate to my artwork, it makes me feel like I’m not alone. This is why I continue creating and sharing. We're all just humans trying to make it through life. I believe art is one beautiful way of sharing the human experience together.

Life is too darn short to be unhappy. Painting makes me happy. So that's what I'm doing.


[Markets, Shows, and Pop Ups]
2019, The Dream Scholarship Art Show at Bisong Gallery, Houston, TX
2018, First Saturday Arts Market (December), Houston, TX
2018, Asia Society of Texas Night Market, Houston, TX
2018, 2017, 2016, Art on the Avenue Silent Auction, Houston, TX
2017 - 2016, Resident Artist at Silver Street Studios, Houston, TX
2017, Heartmade Houston Art Market (April, December), Houston, TX
2017 First Saturday Arts Market (May, June), Houston, TX
2016 North Main Holiday Pop Up Market, Houston, TX
2016 WildBloom Popshop Party, Houston, TX
2013, “God” Group Exhibition, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
2013, “New Beginnings” Group Exhibition, JoMar Visions, Houston, TX
2013, First Saturday Arts Market (January, March), Houston, TX
2012, “Classic Reality” Group Exhibition, JoMar Visions, Houston, TX
2012, Yelp's Holiday Market, War'hous Gallery, Houston, TX
2012, Solo Show, Glitter Karaoke, Houston, TX
2012, Solo Show, Free People City Centre, Houston, TX

[Projects & Collaborations]
2019, Jo Malone London, Memorial City - Live Painting on Product Boxes, Houston, TX
2019, Mural at Eight Turn Crepe, Katy, Texas
2019, Artwork display at Adore Dentistry, Houston, Texas
2016, Jo Malone London,  River Oaks District - Live Drawing on Product Boxes, Houston, TX
2016, Mural at Tokyo Restaurant, Port Arthur, Texas
2015, Mural at Tokyo Restaurant, Beaumont, Texas
2012, Fundraiser Art Show for Amelia and Madison Koong, Private Studio, Houston, TX
2012, 2011, 2008, Via Colori Street Painting Festival Artist, Houston, TX

[Education & Training]
2019, Artist INC participant
2007, University of Houston, Bachelor of Arts with Teacher Certification

2007 - 2009, 2011 - 2012, Art Teacher K-5, Houston area public schools

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