I paint, draw, and live vicariously through Dream Bird.

Caroline is a painter and illustrator from Houston, Texas.  Her primary medium is acrylic paints and black pen ink.  After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Education from the University of Houston in 2007, she spent a few years teaching art in elementary schools. She is now a freelance artist, with a mission to inspire her audience by creating what she calls happy art.  Bright colors, inspirational quotes, and simple yet quirky drawings is the foundation of Caroline's creations.

As you browse Caroline's artwork, you'll stumble upon Dream Bird - a character she created.  Each piece of art represents Dream Bird's bright imagination and the colorful reality it lives in. The bird’s eyes are closed and is painted in grayscale to symbolize its dream-like state of mind. Dream Bird was created to inspire its audience to live a life of fulfillment, be positive, and follow their hearts.

Caroline's studio is at Silver Street Studios in the Washington Avenue Arts District of Houston.

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