My mission is to spread the happiness that painting brings to me, to everybody.

Hello, I’m Caroline. I’m a Vietnamese American born and raised in Houston, Texas. When I paint, I go to my happy place, therefore, the things I end up painting are simply things that make me happy. 

I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing as a hobby since childhood. It turned into a necessity when I became an adult as a way to improve my mental health. Typically, art on the topic of anxiety and depression bears a dark and sad tone, but I take a lighter approach with uplifting colors, inspirational lettering, and character called Dream Bird.

Dream Bird is a character I created. Dream Bird depicts the life I aspire to live. Its constant state of dreaming is symbolized with having closed eyes and being in grayscale amidst colorful backgrounds. Often, Dream Bird is paired with quotes called “Dream Bird Mantras”, which are things I tell myself to practice mindfulness. 
By sharing what has helped me, I hope to help others.


Markets, Shows, and Pop Ups

2019, Heartmade Art Market (June), Houston, TX
2019, Mom & Market Market by Houston Family Magazine (May), Houston, TX
2019, Artwork display at Ronin East End, Houston, Texas
2019, Artwork display at Adore Dentistry, Houston, Texas
2019, The Dream Scholarship Art Show at Bisong Gallery, Houston, TX
2018, First Saturday Arts Market (December), Houston, TX
2018, Asia Society of Texas Night Market, Houston, TX
2018, 2017, 2016, Art on the Avenue Silent Auction, Houston, TX
2017, Heartmade Houston Art Market (April, December), Houston, TX
2017 First Saturday Arts Market (May, June), Houston, TX
2016 North Main Holiday Pop Up Market, Houston, TX
2016 WildBloom Popshop Party, Houston, TX
2013, “God” Group Exhibition, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
2013, “New Beginnings” Group Exhibition, JoMar Visions, Houston, TX
2013, First Saturday Arts Market (January, March), Houston, TX
2012, “Classic Reality” Group Exhibition, JoMar Visions, Houston, TX
2012, Yelp's Holiday Market, War'hous Gallery, Houston, TX
2012, Solo Show, Glitter Karaoke, Houston, TX
2012, Solo Show, Free People City Centre, Houston, TX

Projects & Collaborations

2019, Jo Malone London, Memorial City - Live Painting on Boxes, Houston, TX
2019, Mural at Eight Turn Crepe, Katy, Texas
2019, Artwork display at Adore Dentistry, Houston, Texas
2016, Jo Malone London,  River Oaks District - Live Drawing on Boxes, Houston, TX
2016, Mural at Tokyo Restaurant, Port Arthur, Texas
2015, Mural at Tokyo Restaurant, Beaumont, Texas
2012, Fundraiser Art Show for Amelia and Madison Koong, Private Studio, Houston, TX
2012, 2011, 2008, Via Colori Street Painting Festival Artist, Houston, TX

Education & Affiliations

2019, Artist INC participant
2017 - 2016, Resident Artist at Silver Street Studios, Houston, TX
2007, University of Houston, Bachelor of Arts with Teacher Certification

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